My full name is Arielle Marie Bodenhausen. Yes, that is a mouth full. I am a 26 yr old girl who was raised on a farm in MO and now lives the LA life. California is much more my speed, but trust me, I love my roots and always look for every opportunity to be in nature. I have lived in 4 different states, and have had 12 different bedrooms. Let's just say I am used to moving, change, and starting "clean slate". Honestly, I'm so grateful for all the moving around I have done... it's created some of the best memories and friends. 

Dance is why I moved out to the bright lights (or traffic, brake lights) of LA LA Land. Since my move 6 years ago, I have been dancing and acting. Two of my loves that I can't bare to live without. 

 Also, I have found a passion for yoga and pilates. My desire to selfishly learn my own body more and more, has encouraged me to teach others how to challenge their bodies into movement they didn't think were possible. Choosing a healthy lifestyle: mentally, physically and emotionally is my everyday goal.

Within my 26 years on this planet, I have experienced loss that has led to me learning that grief is not something that makes sense, nor is it something that you can ignore... I'll be as transparent with my journey through loss and grief as possible. I realized we live in a culture that doesn't know how to talk about loss and death, especially in my age group. SO, I WANT TO CHANGE THAT. Time to talk. I want people to know they aren't alone on this life long road of grief. 

Last, but not least--- what you will find on this website, is a section geared only to KINDNESS. I want to celebrate kindness all around. The kindness I witness, receive and hear stories of. It will be a place where the people in my life and the strangers that brighten this world will get to be put on blast...in the best way possible. 'CAUSE KINDNESS IS WAY COOL. 

As always,

live free.