My 10 yr love affair with yoga

If you have been hiding underneath a rock you might not realize that there is a huge craze of people loving yoga, becoming yogis, or at least pretending to live the yogi life doing their favorite yoga poses on insta. If you have not been under a rock you have either done all the free weeks, tried it once or never thought you could do it. So, WHY yoga? Other than the bendy bodies making cool shapes… why is it important? 



Bending your body to make cool shapes is fun too ;)

I'm going to answer this, from my stand point and why I have continued to have yoga in my life for over 10 years... and eventually getting certified to teach. Yes, it's fun to get into wacky poses and flip your body upside down. But mainly, the very best reason to do yoga is… it's a constant full body workout. You can't do anything without thinking of your entire body. You train your mind to start thinking BIG picture, rather than specific muscles. Working through a flow and continuous movement helps lubricate your joints and builds a cardio aspect that most wouldn't think by watching yoga. I'm a huge advocate in cross-training in many different workouts, our bodies are way too strong and BADASS to not keep challenging them. I hear all the time “I can't do yoga, Im not flexible enough” normally… my face scrunches up and I tilt my head to the side making some sort of “eeeeeeehhh” sound… and before I can even say a word, 9 times-out-of 10 they say…. “I know, I know, I know, that's probably why I should do it” and I say “YES exactly”! Stretching is 100% a must for our bodies… and for most it's rarely done. You don’t have to be FLEXIBLE to work on your FLEXIBILITY. The cool thing about taking a yoga class, is it's a specific amount of time dedicated to flowing in and out of moves that are constantly challenging your flexibility, in ways other than just… trying to touch your toes. In addition, you are using breath which is a really, really kind massage for your muscles. SO DONT HOLD YOUR BREATH :)

The spiritual and mental effects of yoga are my favorite side effects. For me I go into yoga wanting to strengthen, stretch, find balance and to challenge my body.... to get a workout in. What tends to happen in that process, is I shut-off the world existing outside the dimensions of my yoga mat, not much else matters. I find a new perspective, clear my mind and actually feel the stress sweat out of me... I mean, that's pretty nice. Side note: there is very little to focus on when you are trying to not fall on your face HEHE. 

SO, I'm going to say… if you haven't yet, go give it a try. Hot yoga or not hot yoga, both are great. 

DONT FORGET TO STAY HYDRATED. your body will like you better, I promise.

IF you live in LA, contact me so I can tell you when I hold my yoga classes. :) 


As always,

live free


arielle bodenhausen