sometimes you have to slow it down!


inhale first



to the world we move through

Sitting here icing my back, I’m (somewhat) laughing because I’m re-writing this post- again. I took these yoga photos a couple weeks back with, of course, my favorite photographer, The Eternal Child (Valerie Noell). I wanted to talk about the fitness part of my life. Ironic that I’m currently out of dance and most of my favorite physical activities as I’m writing this. Fitness normally consumes a HUGE portion of my day-to-day and it has taken priority over “rest” majority of the time. Which I honestly think is why I'm sitting here with an ice pack on my back and physical therapy every other day. My friends know that I like to fill my schedule, know that I like to be busy and say “yes” to practically everything I can. I don’t like missing out on things and I especially don’t like missing out on time with friends and family I love deeply. My Gram (Great Grandma) taught me that time spent together is better than any gift you can wrap. The greatest piece of advice I hold on to. However, we all have heard this before, whatever you say “yes” to, you're saying “no” to something else. For me this past year I have been saying “no” to myself, and “yes” to a lot of distractions and expectations. Surprisingly, my fear of letting people down by saying “no”, I have missed out on a lot of quality times with the closest people in my life or on resting and regrouping. I recently did Chelsey Rose’s 14-day Reset Cleanse. I was in a spot of feeling emotionally frantic, headaches every day, fluctuating weight like it was my job, and I just honestly felt foggy and unhealthy. On top of all of this, my self-disciple was not on my side, my habits were… bad, and my cravings were winning with most of my choices. No matter what the scenario is, it never feels good to be controlled by your cravings or temptations. Going on this cleanse and choosing to reset, I was shocked that the self-care part of the cleanse was harder than the “diet”, “food” part. Trying to be in bed by 10 pm with a cooldown, having morning routine’s that consisted of “me time”. Eating dinner 3 hours before bedtime, which means I had to re-plan my days to support my schedule —— extremely eye-opening.


I fell in love with this! I hadn't ever chosen a schedule for myself. Meaning, saying I can’t do something because I am busy with re-setting, taking care of me. I’m busy taking an inhale so I can successfully exhale into my life. —— Stole that wording from “Braving The Wilderness” - by Brené Brown. I now get excited for a night in with NOTHING TO DO!!! 14-days isn’t long, but weight that was shed, the clarity that was gained, and the natural energy was like something I have never experienced. HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! I didn't realize, I was avoiding so many emotional and physical build-ups in my life by staying distracted. ( I will talk more about this in a later post ). So, instead of helping by resting or grieving the heartache… I would distract myself and call it “hustle”. Right…We have to hustle, it’s 2018!?!! WRONG. We have to pursue our lives with the best and best-equipped vehicle: our body, our mind, and our heart. I have heard constantly, and I have said constantly, “ohh I’m doing great, SO busy right now”. Sound familiar?! I have lost friendships and disconnected with people based on this exact phrase “ I’m just so busy right now”. I honestly value the truth in this statement. But for me, I thought I had to live up to this statement as a lifestyle. I think it is good when life presents you with a busy schedule. What I learned though: being busy to seem busy is exhausting, being busy because life has filled your plate is exhilarating. So, just like “Braving the Wilderness” said, we must inhale for ourselves, to then exhale to the life we have to live.

My world is centered around being active. Professional dancer, pilates instructor, dance choreographer, and teacher. I expect my body to move a lot in a day. And on top of all the demands of my jobs, being an actress and a dancer, I always want to “look” my best. Which means, I am constantly aware of making sure I workout daily. What I learned through this time of the cleanse and my sprained back injury. Slowing down, drinking water, eating healthy, resting, and breathing slowly is actually equally as important as a kick-ass workout. I am encouraging myself to continue to find slow-moving mornings, where my body can move without the stress of changing its shape but instead to feel like I am energizing and stretching for my day ahead. I always find yoga and pilates to be the perfect outlet for a healing, deep breathing exercise to release stress and increase energy. If I could, I would spend all my morning's ocean side with my yoga mat, a cup of tea and my journal, Wanna join me :) ?!?! This was my favorite shoot because I actually did those things, I actually was swept away by the cool crisp ocean breeze, and it gave me the perfect taste of fall. So, this fall I am here to say I am slowing down…. and enhancing my relationship with me. Choosing what is truly best for tomorrow.


HERE’S to fall. I hope if you feel the need to slow down, reset, cleanse, shift a frantic or distracted time… that this encourages you to take that step!

as always

live free,


arielle bodenhausen