Kindness and Making Magic

It’s kind of like weight training, we found that people can actually build up their compassion ‘muscle’ and respond to others’ suffering with care and a desire to help.
— Dr. Ritchie Davidson , University of Wisconsin

YES, I 100% believe this statement: KINDNESS IS COOL! And I also believe that we have to oddly practice it.  So, I guess here is my “workout” for kindness. If we aren't used to throwing out kindness like confetti we will never think we can. Like throwing confetti… the impact spreads out of our control and has the possibility of impacting more people than we even know. — I also just like the imagery of confetti being thrown right now, so go with it. Party mode?!??? possibly…. 

Personally, I have at times refrained from stepping into situations I know could make someone smile cause my mind likes to stop me. Loudly yells in my gut…wait a minute chica... “I'm not good enough to make that impact.” or “what if they think it’s weird".  But really, when have you ever received something kind and walked away saying, “EWWWW, wish they didn't do that”? -NEVER-  so why do we assume that’s how others will take our kindness? My acting coach likes to say… our Shitty Committee (Mind), is stronger than we like. Especially, if we continually validate it by listening to it. Which wolf do you feed? The courageous/risk-taking wolf? Or the safe/hiding wolf? 

My best friends know me as someone who overthinks my actions A LOT. If we keep our eyes on a mirror, analyzing our own reflection we are missing the opportunity to see what we can do out in the world, out in our world that we each individually walk through. We are missing the opportunity to see our community and where our kindness can live. Kindness is its own type of MAGIC we get to use. SO…. Throw the damn confetti girl!

ONE HOPE-8160.jpg
ONE HOPE-8053.jpg

Recently, I have gotten to a place where I am sick of my connection or sort of “addiction” to social media. The tug-n-pull of posting the right things, caring who sees what, being overly concerned about how it looks.. etc. Instead of making it a platform I have to ignore or cut-out, I asked myself what I actually do like about it and then what I wanted there to be more of?

I came to a few answers: 

I want more celebration of realness, not facetune. 

I want to see more kindness. To celebrate others for who they are, NOT WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE. — CELEBRATE IT. Shout it out.

I LIKE that we get to stay in contact and uplift our friends! We get to stay connected and possibly connect with people we haven't seen in a long time, or meet new people. We get to support businesses and spread the word. 

SO—— I want to give this ago.

1. Every couple of weeks I'm going to highlight different people, companies, events, random acts of kindness, stories…. BIG OR SMALL. I want to start putting out there things that inspire me and hopefully can inspire others.

2. Weekly, I am going to blast little challenges out there, from sending someone random flowers, leave a note for someone, etc. and I want to hear about it. Kindness is its own type of MAGIC we get to use. 

Let’s see how much confetti can be thrown. It’s MAGIC MAKING TIME.



As always,

live free,







arielle bodenhausen