Playing with that muted scream....

"HEY HEY HEY. LOOK AT ME!!!" — a whispered thought.  

Ever feel like you do everything in your power to morph the world around you to look in your direction? To notice you? Maybe if I wait a few min.’s longer, or go to the restroom then I can be at the right place at the right time. Maybe if I post something flashy or cool, I will get a response, or be noticed… by the right person. MAYBE... if I hint that I would love to do something... they will give me an offer or opportunity. 

In reality, most of those things, we know won’t happen. But we put more effort into possibly creating a serendipitous moment rather than just boldly asking for what we want. Asking questions with the understanding NO is very much a possibility… and still having courage to ask… Well, that just might be one of the most BAD ASS qualities you can have. ---- THE COURAGE TO ASK.



Who says "no" first?

You? Or them?             

How do you know it would have been a no?

Trust---- I am typing this right now being like… ARIE —— you better be listening to what you are saying right now. It's so much easier said than done. We want people to go out on the limb for us, giving us the opportunity.... but how in the world do we expect others to go out on the limb for us if we aren't even willing to climb out on the limb ourselves? 

Priorities people. priorities. 

I want to go to bed knowing fear didn't hold me back, instead it pushed me forward. Hurt comes no matter what, NO’s come no matter what, missed paths come no matter what. But can you change that course by stepping in front of life’s normal rhythm and shaking it up with a question? With a “what if” risky step? With a vulnerable heart opening action? With knowing you are enough to take a risk for?

So, this week I am challenging myself to do 3 uncomfortable things! To not hide from that annoying little nudging feeling inside my chest, that's ultimately just pushing me to be vulnerable (that scary V word). I made a promise to myself last year-- to give myself more respect when it came to asking for what I really want. If we keep watering our insecurities they will, like weeds, eventually grow taller than our confidence and courage. Start watering the right parts of you and see what grows. 

HAVE FUN TAKING RISKS, and know you are worth it. 

arielle bodenhausen